Ars Andizetum (english)

The Ars Andizetum publication resulted from a four-year activity of Andizet – the Institute for Science and Art Research in the Creative Industry founded with the intention of joining science and art. Research endeavours undertaken in the field of (creative) industry are still under going a process of formalisation.

The Ars Andizetum publication is a science and art experiment, the results of which have been included in a large number of published scientific and professional papers. Until today, unpublished perspectives have resulted in definitions relevant to the creative industry and for the first time they appear in this publication. Due to the aforementioned, Ars Andizetum goes beyond the framework of the profession being therewith eligible for inclusion in scientific research studies concurrently welcoming future partnerships. In addition, this publication is to be finished upon its public promotion on the occasion of Creative Treasury 2018 where you can expect a warm welcome by the Andizets.

Ana Zrnić

President of the Andizet Institute


The publication is available to everyone: ArsAndizetum_ENG

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